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Stopping up of the highway application

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This form is to be used for applications being made under Section 117 Highways Act 1980, where we would apply to the Magistrate's Court under Section 116 Highways Act 1980 on your behalf to have part of the public highway stopped up.

This form can also be used to provide us as Highway Authority with information relating to an application being made under Section 247 Town & Country Planning Act 1990. These types of applications need to be sent to the DfT, but it is advised that you obtain 'approval in principle' from the Highways Authority before you make the application.

Type of application and plan uploads

Plans of location:*

  • one which clearly shows the existing highway land and the context of its location
  • and one which clearly shows the area you are applying to have stopped up.

This function is for the uploading of plans only. Questions or additional enquiries uploaded using this service are not accepted.

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