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This function is for the uploading of plans only. Questions or additional enquiries uploaded using this service will no longer be accepted. If you require additional questions, please use our other online facility for CON29 searches (available under the Highways Enquiries section on the main order selection page).

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We provide a plan based on A4 size at either a scale of 1:1,250 or 1:2,500 or alternatively, with no scale and for the area to fit to one page. If you select a plan at a set scale this may mean that your location requires multiple plans to cover the area and this will attract additional cost per plan required. If this happens we will advise you, and you will need to re-apply for the number of plans that we advise that you will need. If this is required, please state in the Further Information box below, that this application is for additional plans to cover the area and provide your original 'OLF' number that you were given at point of initial application. Without this, we are unable to produce the multiple plans for the location requested.


Further information

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7. Please note, this box is only to be used to provide additional information or context to your enquiry. Additional questions will not be accepted or answered. If you wish to ask additional enquiries please use our online CON29 form (available under the Highways Enquiries section on the main order selection page). (maximum 3000 characters)

Summary information

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Highway Extent: £100.00 + VAT

Cost of this Request: £120.00 (including VAT)

N.B. This cost covers one plan on one A4 page. If you have requested an area that we are unable to fit to one A4 page either because of the scale you have selected, or the request area is too large, we will inform you before we process your enquiry. We will tell you how many extra pages you will need to purchase to complete your enquiry, or if you decide you do not wish to proceed with the enquiry, a refund will be available at this point.