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Bus Timetable

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105 Handsacre - Netherstowe School Mondays to Fridays (Outbound) - Timing Points
LA Travel (Midlands) (LAT)
Service Restrictions:
 1. not 30.10.23 to 3.11., 25.12.23 to 5.1.24
 Sch. Operates only on school days
 LAT. LA Travel (Midlands)
LA Travel (Midlands) (LAT)
Notes LAT Sch
Bus Stops/ Service Restrictions 1
Handsacre, opp Fair View 07:40
Handsacre, opp Tuppenhurst Lane 07:42
Armitage, adj Rectory Lane 07:47
Brereton, opp Ash Tree Inn 07:50
Upper Longdon, adj Grange Hill 07:57
Longdon, adj The Croft 08:04
Longdon Green, adj Lysways Lane 08:08
Christ Church, in The Friary School 08:20
Stowe, adj Cemetery 08:30
It is recommended that you are at your stop well in advance of the advertised times