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Application Details (SM.11/18/161 M)

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Application No. SM.11/18/161 M
Status Grant - with conditions
Location Land at Three Nooks Farm, Horton, Leek
Proposal To undertake drilling works at Three Nooks Farm, to repair two existing boreholes and appraise natural gas reservoir
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Type Full
Category Mineral County Matter
Environmental Statement No

Case Officer / Applicant / Agent
Case Officer David Bray
Applicant Seven Star Natural Gas Limited, Edwinstowe House, High Street, EDWINSTOWE, Nottinghamshire, NG21 9PR
Agent RSK Environmental, Spring Lodge, 172 Chester Road, HELSBY, CHESHIRE, WA6 0AR

Application Dates
Received 21 December 2011
Target 21 March 2012
Revised Target  

Decision and Date
Committee Decision Grant - with conditions
Delegated Decision  
Decision Date 28 June 2012
Publicity and Notifications Details
Libraries Biddulph Library
Comments by 09 February 2012
Site Notice Posted 12 January 2012
Local Members Mr. I . Lawson, C.C.
Mrs. C. G. Heath., C.C.
Mrs. C. R. Jebb, C.C. - Historical
Press Advert Pub 19 January 2012
County Decisions
Decision Date 28 June 2012
Commitee Decision Grant - with conditions
Commitee Date 05 April 2012
Delegated Decision  
Delegated Date  
Legal Agreement Yes
Turnaround 28 weeks
Response to Consultation  
Time to Respond  
Appeal Details
PINS Reference  
Appeal Officer  
Appeal Decision  
Appeal Type  
Appeal Hearing Date  
Received Date  
Date of Decision  
Rule 6 Statement Due  
Rule 6 Statement Date  
Exchange Evidence Due  
Exchange Evidence Sent  

High Court Details
Challenged in High Court  
Costs Awarded  
Date of Decision  
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Application and Decision Documents
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Decision Notice - SM.11/18/161 M185 KB28-Jun-2012View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Section 106 Legal Agreement dated 27 June 2012 - SM.11/18/161 M10.7 MB28-Jun-2012View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Planning Committee Agenda - Report and Minutes link - SM.11/18/161 M157 KB09-Aug-2013View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Approved Document - Application form dated 14 December 2011 - SM.11/18/161 M2.59 MB21-Dec-2011View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Approved Document - Planning Application (Supporting Report) - SM.11/18/161 M4.63 MB21-Dec-2011View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Approved Document - Planning Application (Supporting Report) - APPENDICES - SM.11/18/161 M4.72 MB30-Jan-2012View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Approved Document - Location Plan (dwg no RSK/HE/41396/3/5/2/01) - SM.11/18/161 M567 KB21-Dec-2011View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Approved Document - Aerial Photograph (dwg no RSK/HE/41396/5/2/02) - SM.11/18/161 M1.13 MB21-Dec-2011View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Approved Document - License Area Extent (dwg no RSK/HE/41396/3/5/2/03) - SM.11/18/161 M929 KB21-Dec-2011View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Approved Document - Approved Route Plan (dwg no RSK/HE/41396/3/5/2/05) - SM.11/18/161 M387 KB21-Dec-2011View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Approved Document - Condition 13 Front Entrance Details (dwg no RSK/HE/41396/4/2/01) - SM.11/18/161 M1.01 MB21-Dec-2011View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Approved Document - Typical Drill Rig Equipment and Generic Layout (dwg no RSK/HE/41396/3/5/2/10) - SM.11/18/161 M84.3 KB21-Dec-2011View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Approved Document - Typical Wellhead and Valve Arrangement (dwg no RSK/HE/41396/3/5/11) - SM.11/18/161 M53.9 KB21-Dec-2011View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Approved Document - Proposed Public Footpath Signage (dwg no RSK/HE/41396/3/5/2/14) - SM.11/18/161 M281 KB21-Dec-2011View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Approved Document - Photographs of Site and Views into Site (dwg no RSK/HE/41396/3/5/2/06) - SM.11/18/161 M1.02 MB21-Dec-2011View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Approved Document - Photograph of Drilling Facilities (dwg no RSK/HE/41396/3/5/2/07) - SM.11/18/161 M955 KB21-Dec-2011View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Approved Document - Soil Handling Details (dwg no RSK/HE/41396/3/5/02/09) - SM.11/18/161 M4.81 MB21-Dec-2011View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Approved Document - Site Restoration and Aftercare (dwg no RSK/HE/41396/3/5/02/12) - SM.11/18/161 M2.35 MB21-Dec-2011View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Approved Document - Trees and Hedgerow Planting Details (dwg no RSK/HE/41396/3/5/02/13) - SM.11/18/161 M5.54 MB21-Dec-2011View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Approved Document - Application Boundary (dwg no RSK/HE/41396/3/5/2/04) - SM.11/18/161 M1.78 MB21-Dec-2011View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Approved Document - Tree Survey and protection details (dwg no RSK/HE/41396/3/5/02/08) - SM.11/18/161 M2.26 MB21-Dec-2011View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Approved Document - Three Nooks Farm - Additional Noise Information - SM.11/18/161 M48.8 KB20-Feb-2012View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Approved Document - Email from RSK dated 23 February 2012 - Ecology information - SM.11/18/161 M41.3 KB09-Mar-2012View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Approved Document - Letter from RSK dated 6 March 2012 - Protected Species Report - SM.11/18/161 M131 KB09-Mar-2012View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Approved Document - Proposed Phase 1 Survey Extent - SM.11/18/161 M1,010 KB19-Mar-2012View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Three Nooks Farm Breeding Bird Report Rev 00 - SM.11/18/161 M148 KB28-Jun-2012View
Application Related Documents
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Neighbour notification map- SM.11/18/161 M -Three Nooks Farm1,005 KB11-Jan-2012View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Public notice - SM.11/18/161 M17.1 KB11-Jan-2012View
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Notification letter - SM.11/18/161 M24.7 KB10-Jan-2012View
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